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Like the many firsts in life, watching and being part of a live concert for the first time always has its own charm, excitement and feelings. By the time the day of the concert arrives, you have no idea what to expect- but the only thing that you should know is that you would have the most enthralling and exhilarating experience of your lives. This is something that I realized when I saw Coldplay live, while I was in Atlanta on their MX Tour, which was not only my first Coldplay concert but also my first concert of any kind.

The one word that perfectly describes a Coldplay concert is ‘magical’. Right from their setting to the environment, lighting and the stage, everything is completely mesmerizing. Coldplay has soul-touching music, and the band is in an unstoppable form in every concert. It has been amongst the grandest and most captivating spectacles that I have ever seen, and I am sure nothing will ever come close to that, except another Coldplay concert.

The introduction itself was magical in itself, featuring elements like dynamo and ricky gervais. From that, they moved on to playing Christmas Lights and Atlas, which actually left me (and the entire audience, I am sure) spellbound. I had often heard from others and seen in music videos as to how crucial role lighting and fireworks played in their concerts, and there is no other way to understand that except seeing them live.

I was sitting somewhere in row 12 right in front of the X stage, which explains why I had the exhilarating experience that I did. It was also the first time that they played True Love live, except for the ones who saw them at their concert in LA in the same time. The xylobands and music coupled together with the fireworks display puts you in another dimension altogether. After that, I have gone to many Coldplay concerts, and the MX one still ranks as the best concert that I have ever seen.

One of the best moments of that concert, one that I still remember and get goose-bumps on thinking about, is when the xylobands turned on during Charlie Brown, and it was then that I knew that this is an experience that I’ll always remember. Another memorable gig that I attended was their eventim gig, though that is another story, for another time. To a lifetime dedicated to watching Colpdplay live- cheers!


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